Chlay recently gave an interview about her forthcoming EP, her music and more to Dancing About Architecture. Read it here!

DAAHQ: Where in the world do you live?
CHLAY: I live in Devon which is in the south west of England, it has it’s beauty, but I miss my city and seaside lives sometimes…

DAAHQ: How old were you when you discovered your passion for music?
CHLAY: I’ve always been encouraged to be creative in almost every way, and always loved the idea of self expression through creativity and performance, I can’t remember I time when I didn’t constantly sing even at a really young age, and I got given a baby guitar at age 4 but had no one to teach me, so my passion for music has always been strong and I’ve always been the girl in the class doing solos (vocally and instrumental) even in my grade 1 class in Mallorca … It simply grew from there and my passion has just blossomed since.

DAAHQ: You started early then, huh? What was the first song you learned to play?
CHLAY: On guitar, it was probably the typical sort of nirvana stuff but I honestly have no idea

DAAHQ: What inspires you to write songs?
CHLAY: Life, dreams, spirituality; I often ‘channel’ my writing, the universe…
My heart and all it’s little and big loves, I never write about people, even if I put names to emotions

DAAHQ: And what about your creative pursuits outside music?
CHLAY: Pretty much everything I do is creative – from writing, music, poetry, painting, sewing and editing clothes, adventuring,dance … If it isn’t creative and full of positive vibes it won’t hold my attention for long

DAAHQ: Chlay is such a lovely and unusual name; where is it from?
CHLAY: I mean, the only other chlay I know is a boy and he’s American and there’s no H in it … So maybe it comes from there and my parents just wanted to be weird.

DAAHQ: Your music conjures up strong visual images. If your music was a fictional place, what would it be like?
CHLAY: I’d like it to be a collective of spiritual and creative individuals who were only there
To be themselves with pure positive vibes and ingenuity and originality in creative pursuits such as making clothes, music, art and memories.

DAAHQ: How does sharing your music with the world make you feel? Most musicians talk about wanting to reach people and make a difference; what would you like people to take from your music?
CHLAY: With art, there is risk. Risk brings fear but it also brings courage and I hope that I can inspire people to follow their creative dream. I also hope that some of my more spiritual songs like universe and indigo can expand consciousness or ‘wake’ some people up to the things I have awoken to and encourage people to spread positivity and make a change in the world.

On a personal level I want people to use my music in anyway that makes them feel better; I think for someone to make your music their soundtrack to their life is such a privilege and that inspires me so much, to aim higher with all aspects of my music.